New. New Everything.

I graduated from nursing school this past December – passed the NCLEX mid January – moved in with my fiancé, Tyler – in his hometown – started my first job as an RN at the end of January – and now I’m currently sitting here watching reruns of Friends while eating my third piece of Snickerdoodle bread on my day off.

The day after I moved here, to “smaller” town Nebraska, I had a breakdown. I broke down because I felt as though I didn’t have a “home.” Weird right? I’m now living with my fiancé (and have been planning for this moment for 4 years) and I don’t have a home? I felt this way moving to Lincoln for college when I was 18. I felt this way moving from Lincoln to Omaha to start nursing school, so it’s only fitting that I cried after I moved because I’m emotional as F and it’s about that time, if you know what I mean.

I think it’s just really crazy to me that nursing school, looking back, flew by. I remember moving to Omaha to start nursing school and saying “graduation will take forever to get here” or “I won’t have to move out to rural Nebraska for a really long time.” Good joke, Em. Here we are.

As I look at my schedule. Two days on, three days off, one day on, three days off, three days on, two days off, three days on, four days off…etc, I think to myself – now what. What in the heck do I do on my days off….

As a new nurse, new to town, no friends, besides my guy and his wonderful parents, I’m so unsure what to do, which is SO UNLIKE ME, because I always have a plan, a rhyme or reason, and lounging around for more than one day a week is not going to be fine for me.

I really have made the rounds around Nebraska. From Columbus to Lincoln to Omaha to North Platte, I have learned a little bit more about myself from each move. It’s crazy to think that people believe they mature in college and that THAT was the time of their lives. That was not the time of my life. I am thankful for that experience at UNL, meeting my soon-to-be husband, and getting though nursing school, but seriously…now is the time of my life.

This is now the time of my life because I am a hardworking full-time Nurse and I am no longer studying on my days off and taking a test each week. This is now the time of my life because I am FINALLY with Tyler and we don’t have to drive four hours to see each other every two weeks. This is now the time of my life because it is truly what I’ve been waiting for…ever since I could remember.

I believe the reason for the breakdown, that I mentioned earlier, was because I knew I was going to be a small town Nebraskan when I settled down, but I didn’t think I would be this far from my parents, my sister, and friends. Now before anyone attacks me, yes, I know I could be farther!! *cue eye roll*

Moving is scary, no matter how far. I thought moving from Lincoln to Omaha made me most vulnerable, but this move takes the cake. And although I am uneasy in this new place….I am sure about two things..

Tyler is my home and we reside in North Platte, Nebraska.

*clink* Cheers to this new chapter in my life!








I have learned that I’m not necessarily a home body, but I love being at home. Every place I have moved I have eventually called “home.” Although moving can make a person, like me, super vulnerable and helpless, it has also taught me to have independence, confidence, and




Cabo San Lucas

Here is our week in Cabo back in March. If you have any interest in traveling to Cabo, this post might help with the do’s and don’ts. Take me back. 

Let’s start with place of stay. Tyler and I Cabo2went through an existing condo resort membership and we were assigned the resort Hacienda Encantada (HE)

Pros: three pools, neat and well kept, friendly staff, tons of food/drink choices, close to Chileno Bay, beautiful views, sister resort in DT Cabo, and quiet. We were even able to see whales out in the ocean with the view we had!

Cons: farther from downtown Cabo, $5 shuttle rides to and from Cabo, $$ and their hours for restaurants, shuttles, and night life were a little odd.

Overall it was a nice place to stay and we would recommend. If you end up going in March, this would be a perfect place to stay. We quickly noticed how many spring breakers were in Cabo and DT was pretty crazy, so it was nice getting a ride back to a quiet resort.

Breath taking views and the bluest water

On our second day we soaked up some Vitamin D and then later went to explore downtown Cabo. During our time in Cabo San Lucas there were about 10 cruise ships that went in and out the entire week which meant that on the downtown strip there were a ton vendors selling their products. It wasn’t super bothersome but by Friday we were really glad to come home to no one trying to sell us items.

The board walk had it’s view of Medano beach. We didn’t make it to this beach to swim while we were there. We went to the original Cabo Wabo, DQ, and Senor Frogs for food. We went to El Herradero for drinks.

Day two near Medano Beach

One thing that I admire about Tyler is that he puts up with my crazy, and I mean crazy ideas, and hardly ever complains. On our third day, I persuaded him to ride the Cabo bus to Chileno Beach. I got this idea from Trip Advisor. Taxis in Cabo are expensive (ex. 20 dollars to and from anywhere you want to go.) We were definitely the ODD balls/tourists on that bus. This beach was recommended and was not even two miles away. The public bus took us to and from for $4 dollars round trip.


This is Chileno Bay and the pictures do NOT do it justice. This is a must see and experience. A couple things: this is a snorkeling spot but there are no vendors to get your own goggles and such. My recommendation is to wade in the water and throw a cracker/bread into the ocean. I’m not going to spoil what comes next, but if you have an underwater camera that would be most beneficial. It was the absolute coolest. I will say that you need to wear shoes to this Bay because it is a pebble beach and my feet hurt for a couple days after.


Just being one with the fish

The third day we ventured to Downtown Cabo again because we wanted to check out some restaurants on the beach. We went to Mango Deck first for lunch which was right on the beach. The fun thing about Mango Deck was the amount of spring breakers and the loud music. I could barely hear Tyler. If you’re traveling with someone who is sensitive with hearing this is not the place to go. We also went to The Office. The Office has THE BEST margaritas. They are huge and we ended up getting our first ones free. The Office also had a Mariachi band that sang to us and we really enjoyed that.


The House Lime at The Office





I crossed a Garra fish pedicure off my bucket list while on the board walk. My feet were so sunburned and hurting from Chileno Bay that these fish did not stop nipping at my feet. Also; S/O to Tyler for waiting for me and putting up with the many people asking me all about it. How did I get so lucky? 🙂



While searching on Trip Advisor I came across a snorkeling adventure and booked it for $150 for our fourth day. We went through Rogers Glass Boat Tour. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. This was the highlight of my trip. Tyler and I ended up being the only ones on this boat tour which was located at Dock A. We met our captains, Miguel and Manuel and we didn’t know what we were in for. Once we got on the boat they offered us tequila and beer.




We were unable to go to Lover’s beach and divorce beach because of the winds, but we were able to see them. Manuel also told us many people have died on those beaches due to the crashing waves. We opted to not be daredevils.

el arco
The famous El Arco

The water was FREEZING. I thought we were going to become hypothermic. Our bodies got use to the water but it was a shocker at first. We jumped in with our snorkeling gear by Pelican Rock. I was too scared to hold this puffer fish so I just took a photo of it. Tyler and I brought the water proof camera and his go pro which allowed us to get these pictures!

puffer2lol .jpg


There is a video that I have of jumping off Pelican Rock. It won’t upload for me but it was so incredibly cool. I felt really high up and it was difficult to climb up this rock. We could tell that our tour guides have done this a few times because they were marathon swimmers and climbed up this rock like it was no big deal. Tyler and I were going to jump together, but we both had cameras in our hands so Tyler went first. As I looked over the edge the water was so blue that I could see tropical fish swimming around where I was going to jump into at. I plugged my nose in the video because salt water is nasty and I’m sure the Go pro got a cool video clip of it, so maybe I’ll have to find it and upload it. It was honestly the coolest thing I’ve ever done, jumping into the Sea of Cortez. I can’t describe it so anyone who goes there will have to find out for themselves!



On our last day in Cabo we spent the day at our resort eating and hanging out by the pool.



The pictures, like I said, do not do this place justice. The views were so pretty, the waters were incredibly blue, and it was a great vacation. I recommend GrayLine taxi to get you to and from the Airport, that saved us money from taking taxis. We also made a trip to Walmart once we got to our resort and we only went once the entire week because of the the taxi charges.

Until next time Cabo, it probably won’t be for a while ❤