Day One: Appreciation Day

Pinterest wins again. 

As I was taking a study break from finals I came across a very neat “stress relief journaling” posting. The post consists of thirty days with a topic to journal about for each day… here goes nothing.

Day One: I am thankful for what I have because…   

Living in midtown Omaha has it’s ups and downs, but one thing I have noticed is that I am really in the heart of Omaha. I hear sirens every ten minutes, I see a variety of individuals, and I am close to just about everything.

A couple weeks ago I had a very emotional experience. As I came back home from working the night shift I was bitching about how I had to park outside because it was so cold and how there were no spots open close to the entrance so I had to park far away, (it could definitely be farther but I’m dramatic). As I sat in my car giving myself a few more moments to soak up the warmth I saw two homeless men walking close to the entrance under the apartment awning. I couldn’t tell what they were doing, but I noticed they were pushing something in a grocery cart. I waited a few moments longer to see if they would leave but I was tired and needed to get some sleep so I got out of my car and speed walked to the entrance. You just never know about other people.

I then realized that these two homeless men had a TV that they may have found or bought and they plugged it in to the apartments outside outlets. I could over hear their conversation fascinated they have this TV, “It has wifi and everything!” “Look, it gets channel 4.” “It has color too!” My heart literally sunk, them being excited about this TV tugged on my heart strings because I can’t remember ever not having a TV.

I got to thinking: here I am, upset on Sundays because I don’t have the ‘E’ channel to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians so I hop on my Macbook, watch Netflix, and text away on my iPhone in the warmth while these two are outside, in the cold, fascinated that this 20 inch TV has color. Of course these two men have background stories of their lives that I have no idea about, but the experience made me grateful in all sorts of ways.

I’m thankful for warmth when it’s snowing, air conditioning when its 97 degrees out, an education/career that will take me far in life, the coldest and cleanest drinking water, friends to encourage me and support my decisions, my family and Tyler for being my rock, groceries, my mom’s Easter lunch, being raised in Nebraska, a car that runs, great health, a gym membership, a college degree (almost two), a home away from Omaha…I could literally go on and on.

I am also grateful for the past, present and future. The past because it has helped me become who I am today, someone who I love and cherish. The present because life is good and fun, the future because it is very uncertain and there is a lot to look forward to.

All I ask is for those who are reading this to take a moment and either journal or mental journal this topic because when you are grateful for what you have you appreciate life and it’s experiences a lot more. 



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