December 31st, 2015…*blink* now 2017


2016 was honestly the best year yet for me! The confidence I have gained this year is¬†tremendous. I’m almost positive it is from working out and eating (semi) healthier. I also passed both Med Surg semesters and a Mental Health semester. Currently my GPA in nursing school is a 3.5. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I am excited for 2017 and to finally become a nurse!! Some of my favorite moments from 2016 are below ūüôā


I didn’t do much from Jan-April. The Broncos won the Super Bowl in February. I turned 23 on March 22. Tyler and I saw each other every two weeks and I was in my¬†Med Surg 1 semester at Clarkson College.

In May, Abbey graduated from USD 


The salsa to my chip. This guy made my year so great, he makes all my days great. June is always a great time in North Platte because of NebraskaLand days. This year the performers were Sam Hunt and Dierks Bentley. The whiskey tent gets me every year.

My favorite night in Columbus at the David Nail concert in July. A night I will never forget. 

Bellagio Fountains

Tyler and I took a trip to Vegas in August to celebrate me finishing Med Surg II (hallelujah) and for him, being off work for a week. Tyler is always so busy in the summer working six days a week, I usually only get to see him once a month, so this trip was a nice get away.

On our way to the Nebraska State fair in August to see Thomas Rhett, or Thomas Rat as Abbey called him. These two and concerts are a crazy mix. My day ones ‚̧
The UNL Dairy Store on a game day in September 

In September, Tyler, Emily, Nate and I went to Denver for the Broncos vs. Panthers game. Tyler lost his voice the game was  that good. We traveled to Breckenridge the next day and experienced Oktoberfest there!

Tailgating in October 

For Halloween, I was supposed to be an ice cream dish. Many people thought I was a cupcake, which is fine, but others thought I was Taylor Swift. 

Thanksgiving in North Platte. November went by so incredibly fast. I also craved¬†Georgia’s thanksgiving dinner each day, which was torturous.
December. I bought Tyler Infusion Brewery gift cards two years ago and we finally made a trip to Benson to learn about making beer. We also discovered Vanilla Bean blonde, a beer they make, and our lives are forever changed. 

December also flew by. I wish Tim and Terry were in this picture because my life would be complete. The Norris’ have been my family ever since The Schieffer’s moved to 40th Ave. I love when we all get together.¬†
Christmas Eve in Columbus. My heart is so full. These are the people who matter most to me, who I think about daily, and who I love so much. I was so happy that we could spend Christmas together. Tyler and I then made the trip to North Platte on Christmas Day to spend it with my other family, the Maxwells.